2023-2024 School Year

Welcome to the start of the new school year at KiHS! Classes begin Monday August 28, 2023, and you can begin classes almost immediately. Remember to bring your photo ID and a transcript from your previous school (if it wasn’t KiHS). This will help get you enrolled more quickly.

KiHS offers a full range of 80+ different courses in all different streams, from applied to academic, workplace preparation to university preparation.

There are many exciting things happening this year, including some new courses and some extracurricular opportunities, so come in and sign up!

OSSD Requirements

Learn about what you need to do to graduate.

Course Outlines

Ministry inspected outlines of all our courses.

Courses Offered

A list of the Ontario accredited courses we offer.


Interested in working for KiHS?

“I didn’t think that I had the capabilities to do the online work, but after a couple weeks and getting to know my teachers and mentors I felt better about myself. The teachers explained things so that I could understand, and that helped me to not be so nervous.”

– Heather Mawakeesic, KiHS Graduate

Keewaytinook Internet High School is a program which allows students to remain in their home community while taking a rich variety of ministry inspected courses toward their high school diploma. Our staff are excited about starting this new year and are keeping very busy keeping up with all the demands of new registrations and everything else that goes with the beginning of a new school year.

If you are interested in partnering with KiHS to begin offering a full secondary program in your community for the start of the next school year using Internet Technologies, please contact the administration office in Balmertown at 807 735 1381 ext. 3005 to ask about the process.