Staff – Our Administration

Who are our administration staff?

Our administration staff are the people who support our mentor teachers and the students of KiHS. Located mostly in Thunder Bay and Balmertown, each member of the administration staff fulfills a unique role and are an invaluable part of the KiHS team!

Angela Batsford-Mermans
Sarah Johnson
Vice Principal
Linda Johnson
Student Success Retention Lead
Heather Mawakeesic
Financial Clerk
Thomas Choong
Guidance Counselor
Erin Litwin
Administrative Assistant
Petra Latt
Land Based Lead
Kathleen Koostachin
Native Language Lead
Lorne Goring
Adult Education and Cooperative Education Lead
Susan Hartig
Wellness Worker
Rachel Quill
Wellness Worker
Melissa Black
Special Education Resource Lead
Nikki Osborne
Graduation Coach
Sally Anderson
Course Specialist and Online Teacher
Krystyna Villanueva-Gruszecka
Guidance Counselor and New Teacher Development Lead
Jason Clement
Tech Lead
Roger Budhram
Student Achievement Officer